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World Animal Protection

Our creative concept had to deliver incremental gain but not confuse nor doge the issues.



World Animal Protection is an international non-profit animal welfare organization that has been in operation for over 30 years. It has a history of campaigning for improvements in animal welfare.


Pigs are amongst the most intensively farmed animals on the planet. They suffer at every stage of their lives. We have developed two campaigns to support better welfare for pigs.#Raise Pigs Right is the ongoing global campaign and Who’s Telling Porkies? a UK specific campaign. Both are aimed at the farmers, the retail chain, consumers and the wider public.

Creative response

For the #Raise Pigs Right global campaign it had to be understood and implemented by a variety of local marketing teams. It therefore had to be readily understood and translated across multiple languages. Both campaigns were developed with sets of shareable adaptive and and interactive assets for all local social media platforms. We detailled and supplied digital brand guidelines and all prototype assets. Three of the top six world producers have signed up to the better practice agreement.

Scope of work

- Campaign Identities

- Literature

- Social Media Assets

- Campaign Animation

- Campaign Film

- Key visuals

- Guidelines


World Animal


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