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The Flora re-brand and reformulation is a great example of how an understanding of consumer needs by a new, Consumer-centric owner and a disruptive design thinking agency can turn a tired local jewel into a category innovator.



The iconic FLORA brand had undergone a number of redesigns since its launch back in 1970.


The product had largely remained the same.

With perceptions and tastes changing Upfield set about the biggest overhaul of the brand since it’s inception. The developed range had an improved taste profile and a completely new formulation. The revamped range was to be made solely from 100% plant based ingredients.


Flora owned the half the story already. Already perfectly named, FLORA and with a sunflower at it’s heart it just needed nurturing.

Creative response

The redesigned brand mark has echoes of Flora of yesteryear with its curved green logotype but now with a more natural flourish. The product packaging reclaimed the sunflower mnemonic as an immediate and recognisable symbol of it’s plant goodness.

Scope of work

- Strategic positioning

- Design 

- Research support

- Packaging

- Key visuals

- Guidelines

- Artworks


Client - Upfield

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